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Price list

Car name 1–2 days 3–6 days 7–9 days 10 days
Chevrolet Aveo 45383531
Volkswagen Polo 45383531
Ford Fiesta Diesel 45383531
Seat Ibiza 45383531
Ford Fiesta Automat 55  484541
Chevrolet Cruze 60535046
Ford Focus Automat 65585551
Honda Accord Automat 70636056
Volkswagen Golf Cabrio 85787571
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 85787571
Citroen C4102959288
Opel Vivaro 109  959292

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Booking car in 4 easy steps!

Must pass all 4 simple steps to book a car on our site.

To view the steps of booking.

It is not only easy, it is profitable! Pay your order through the website and get 10% of the rental cost *.

*Also, you can pay your order in our office when you receive a car, but the discount is valid if you pay by credit card through the website.


Our service to clients:

  • English-speaking staff;
  • Twenty-four-hour technical support.

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