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How to rent a car through the site?

To reserve a car online:

Fill out the personal data in the form of mandatory fields. Accept the terms of car rental.

Select office Premier Holiday Cars for signing the contract, receipt and delivery of the car.

Select a car and the lease term.

Select additional accessories (child seat, navigation system GPS).

After confirmation of the availability of the car at your specified time, you will be offered tariff rented for the entire period.

The system will ask for the site data needed to complete the reservation, car (credit card number, email address).

We recommend you create your account on the site to expedite the process of booking online.

After the process has been completed booking online, within a maximum of 48 hours, you will receive in your e-mail confirmation of your reservation.

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2. What includes the tariff?

  • Map of the island, tours and comprehensive information on the island of Tenerife. Unlimited mileage.
  • The insurance policy and taxes;
  • Help on the road 24 hours a day;
  • Collision Damage (Police CDW);
  • Personal injury (Polis PAI);
  • Damage from third parties.

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3. What not includes the tariff?

  • Gasoline, fines, parking and elevator.
  • Loss or breakage of keys or remote from the car.
  • Loss of personal belongings left in the car.
  • Damage to discs, tires or the bottom of the car;
  • Filling the wrong car with petrol;
  • Any costs associated with car crashes: transportation vehicle, the replacement of another vehicle;
  • The Company is not responsible for theft or damage to the car;
  • The insurance policy does not cover the accident in the case of negligent driving, managing drunk or under the influence of drugs;
  • Removal of vehicles outside the island (please contact one of our offices for advice).

Additional charges:

Seat for child 3€/day
The second person with the right driving 3€/day
GPS 5€/day
The additional charge for the car in the northern airport 40€
The additional charge for the car in the south airport 30€
Issuance of machines during the holidays or working hours 25€

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4. What credit card company accepts Premier Holiday Cars?

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master/Eurocard.

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5. What kind of insurance includes fare?

Renting a car in PREMIER HOLIDAY CARS, you get a car with a legally binding insurance policy, which includes roadside assistance.

The insurance policy does not cover the following positions: theft, damage to the vehicle due to collision, vandalism, theft of personal items, death or injury to the driver and passengers. In the case of fault driver in an accident, all costs associated with repairing the vehicle, fines, etc., lie on his responsibility.

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6. When I pay my car reservation?

When signing the contract for renting a car to pay bills and you get your hands on the keys of the car.

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7. Can I cancel the car reservation without penalty?

Possible cancellation 48 hours before the car rental without penalty. In case of cancellation less than a day, shall be charged a penalty of one day rental.

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8. Useful Information

In the case of early return of the car money can not be returned.

The maximum rental period of 30 days.

Type of Insurance CDW does not cover damage to discs, tires, coatings inside the cabin, bottom, loss of keys or remote from the car, charging the wrong car.

Any type of contract / insurance becomes invalid in the case of negligent driving, managing drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The contract will always have a kind of fuel to refuel the car.

To cancel a reservation car within the time specified above, should send a letter to info@premierholidaycars.com, indicating your reservation number.

In the case of extension of the lease agreement, please contact the office PREMIER HOLIDAY CARS for signing a new contract.

Additional extras for the car should be ordered at time of booking.

Credit card serves as a guarantee. When making a contract in the office, be sure to give credit card details which you indicated when booking online.

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